What is DifE all about?

DifE, aka Design is for Everyone, is a personal project focused on the message that Design, as a tool, a framework, and a profession, is, as the name says, for everyone.

For everyone to consume, to create, to modulate, and mix! To generate new solutions and scale them easily across large populations. In my opinion (and that's worth what's worth) is a tool to be handed to everyone, much like we did with literacy, photography, or even coding.

I believe a better world, is a world designed by everyone, so I intend to share the message, and learn all I can about how others see and use Design while doing it.

In the video of my talk for IDF Lisbon, that you can find above, I go through the whole idea, but there's more to this story, so I'll drop it all bellow.

How it all started

Portrait from the project founder, Bruno Figueiredo

Hi, my name is Bruno, and I'm a designer with an issue.

I was poorly trained in college. I learned most of what I know from the internet out of free content, videos, forums, and guides for dummies. Yet, I grew into an industry that always felt quite exclusive.

For years, I was told that to be a designer or to practice "proper" design (whatever that is), you had to be: a Professional user of Adobe tools, proficient in swiss grids, dabble in illustration, know your iconography... and this might be what many others like me have learned that being a designer was.

But here's the thing. I've always felt that design could be much more than the tools we use and the rules we learn. So I started venturing with new tools, fewer rules. Yet more considerations like accessibility and inclusivity of all others that once were not part of my design process. Still, I was mostly working on my own and, at that time, in a growing company with more and more people requesting more and more services from my team.

Eventually, one day, I had a choice: either keep believing that we, the designers, are the few chosen ones and kept all the workload for us, or figure out how to bring more people into the design process and enable them to be proficient in design tools and frameworks.
Screenshot of one of the original notes when preparig for the IDF talk

At this point, I learned that "Design Tools" is really a broad term, as any tool can be used for design. Also, that "Designers" is quite a loose definition. Our roles have shifted and adjusted, more than I could count, for the last few decades, and many people from many different backgrounds are now new types of designers. So the conclusion was simple: if any tool can be a design tool, and any person could become a designer or part of the design process, then... well, Design is for Everyone!

Armed with my conviction I set out to learn more about what this could mean. I started reading more (and belive me, I'm not an attentive reader) consume more information about open source and open design, what type of tools could do "design work" and what type of work that was, but also how we could subvert the original goal of said tools to extend what they can do for these new designers.

That lead me to create and deliver a talk for the Interaction Design Foundation Lisbon chapter, and that's where I ended up gaining the courage to create this project.

Now I'm looking to meet more people from all around the globe that match my new description of designer, aka Everyone. Using a podcast as an excuse to learn, I want to have relevant conversations, and share the message around this thing called Design, that could benefit more than just a selected few. It's due to proper democratization.

You can help me support this project

There are several ways you can support my project, but here I list just a few.

1. Subscribe or Buy me a Coffee

The most direct way to support this project, is by a small monetary contribution. That could be done by subscribing to the podcast for 5€ month, or 15€ year, or simply by one of donations.

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2. Share it on Social

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3. Be my guest, or suggest one

I'm looking for people from all backgrounds, career levels, designers or non-designers. Essentially you just need to be someone with something to say about design that you feel would intersect with this project. I'm alos looking for people that don't believe that Design is for Everyone and want to have open conversations about it.

So yeah. If you, or anyone you know, would be good for a conversation, let me know. Send me an email.

Here's the deal!

For the sake of transparency, here's a list of all the cost involved in producing the podcast, content, managing social media and host the website for a full year.

• Webflow (for website hosting) - 192$ (16$ per month)
• Descript (for podcast edit and transcript) - 60$ (15$ per month for 6 months)
• Calendly (for booking guests) - 80$ (20$ per month for 4 months)

These are the costs that I'm trying to suppress with the help of my followers and listeners, in order to not have to depend on sponsorships or advertising, as I want to keep this project as indepent as it can get.

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