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September 23, 2021

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What would you say if I told you design is for everyone? Now that technology is accessible, knowledge is shared openly and communities thrive under digital spaces, it is a truly special moment for design to outgrow its origins and become a tool for all, not only the few. It's time to let design be part of the wider conversation and this project intends to help with just that.

Hi, my name is Bruno and I'll be your host in this journey that welcomes you into the age of design democratization. In this show, we'll be meeting designers, enthusiasts, creatives, coders and much more. Each guest will bring a specific topic to the conversation, but they will all help us understand the role of design in the extended global context and all the places it fits.

Join me every week as we deep dive into this new age.

So let's talk about open design. Shall we?

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