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Age of Design Democratization

Now that the technology is accessible, knowledge is shared openly, and communities thrive under digital spaces, it's a truly special moment for design to outgrow its origins and become a tool for all, and not only the few.

It's time to let design be part of the wider conversation, and that's what this project is all about.

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Design is for Everyone
‍is all about sharing!

For years, designers have managed to have control. Control of not only the job but the practice and theory of Design as a whole. DifE is about opening the barriers of the world of design for all of those that want in. To learn, to work, to be partners in crime and everything else they want to be, within Design.

A graphic representing the change from one way to many ways to do design

With this project, we'll explore the many dimensions of what is Design. All the places we can find it. The people who work with it. And eventually reach a point in the conversation where we can pose the affirmation that Design is for Everyone.

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I would love to keep up with this project for as long as I can, and for that I need to make sure it doesn't become cost preventive. So, to be as clear as one can be, here you can find all the costs for maintaining this project for a year. If you want, and only if you can, do support it and buy me a coffee or become a podcast subscriber.

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